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Welcome to the Morlais Welsh Black Website.

The Morlais Herd was established in 1972 and was amongst the first Welsh Black herds to adopt performance recording and use the results as an essential tool in herd improvement.
The Morlais herd, except for a few breeding bulls has been a closed herd for over twenty years. The herd has never had a TB breakdown and is accredited free of Johne's disease and BVD.


Morlais Siencyn born 01/04/2013. Progeny available for inspection.

Morlais Siencyn - SOLD

Morlais Welsh Black

Morlais Gwyndaf born 13/09/2013. Showing exceptional growth 645kg @400 days.

Morlais Gwyndaf

Morlais Welsh Black

Spring 2015 - A typical cow and calf.

Spring 2015

Health Status

The Morlais herd, except for a few breeding bulls has been a closed herd for over twenty years. It has never had a TB breakdown.

Parasites are dealt with as necessary with minimal use of drugs. There are no known health problems in the herd at present. It is accredited free of BVD and vacinated for BVD. Herd accredited free of Johnes Disease Risk level 1. It is also free of IBR and Leptospirosis.

The Morlais is a long standing member of the Welsh Black Cattle Health Scheme in conjunction with the Scottish agricultural colleges.

Polled Status

Cattle no longer need horns for protection, they are a hindrance to management and there is a safety issues. There is also a welfare issue and the removal of the horns may soon become a vet only operation.

With the availability of naturally polled sires as good as any in the breed, it is difficult to see the justification for breeding horned cattle, only to remove those horns at the earliest opportunity.

Bulls certified pure polled to guarantee 100% polled calves from all horned cows of any breed.

Easy Calving

Even as pedigree breeders we have long understood the commercial realities of producing suckler cow beef. It is commercially imperative to strive for the target of every cow producing a live and active calf without intervention every year.

We record our calves birth weights and over the years we have only selected as stock bulls animals with average birth weights and rejected “good” but over weight calves as breeding bulls.


Bulls can be fertility tested before purchase. Separate families bred in the closed herd to minimize risks incurred in purchased cattle. The herd is moving towards its target of calving all new breeding heifers at 2 years of age. Heifers born in the spring of 2014 are on target to go to the Bull in June 2015. Bull calves born in Spring 2014 are now (April 2015) over 500kg and on target to finish June 2015 @600kg. Our Autumn 2014 calves are still on their mothers having wintered well with a d.w.g of about 1kg a day to be weaned at the end of May at about 350kg


Morlais Dewi Sant Hb nO:28pvol98 Available for export world wide. This bull has been used extensively with excellent results and guaranteed 100 % naturally polled calves. This Bull has proved an ecellent cross on dairy cows and sired excellent pedigree and commercial cross Heifers.


Performance recorded for 40 years, We invite unannounced visits to inspire confidence in the integrity of our records. Inspect our results on Abribreed. Log on to Breed plan, choose UK, Welsh Black Society, Name: Morlais, then press search.

Animals for Sale

We are quite heavily stocked and are looking to reduce our numbers. We have young heifers, cows and calves for sale - please contact us for more details.

Latest News

Morlais Pedigree Welsh Black polled animals for sale.

We can now offer for sale:

  • A Chioce of polled bulls
  • Cows and calves
  • In calf heifers

  • All animals are of good temperament and are easy to handle. Accredited free of BVD and Johnes Disease Risk Level 1. Please contact Hywel Davies on 07908562817.

    Choice of yearling bulls ready for use late 2018. Most are pure polled which guarantees a polled calf on any horned cow. Please contact Hywel Davies on 07908 562817 / 01685 811816 for more information.

    IAE CHIEFTAN Cattle Crush for sale. Includes rotating rump bar, foot trimming kit and Tru Test Weigh Bars. £2500 +VAT. Call 07970 473799 for further information or inbox message.

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